The Region

Dompierre and surrondings – BeaujolaisBrionnaisClunyCharolais

You have access to various activities, in very close proximity to Dompierre. The indicated time is an approximate calculation based on the route from the Domaine des Monts du Maconnais.


Take up the Acro’bath challenge by moving from one tree to another in Bergesserin (15’)


Discover La Voie Verte, by bike or by rolleblades from Cluny (20’). Rent a bike in Ludisport


Visit TouroParc in Romanèche-Thorins: zoo, attractions, water shows, traditional jobs shows (40’)


Refresh your prehistoric lessons by visiting the Grottes de Blanot, Grottes d’Azé and the Roche de Solutré (30’)


Discover Cluny and the remains of its Benedictine abbey, a masterpiece of Romanesque art.


Visit the Drée castle, its dozens of splendid furnished rooms and its a la Française garden, in Curbigny, a residence for Princes during the Age of the Enlightenment (25’)


In La Clayette, have a walk around the lake to the Castle and have a break in Bernard Dufoux’s chocolate factory. Possibility to visit the factory (20’)


Amuse yourselves in the Plassard textile mill: discovery of 20 breeds of sheeps, factory visit, creative workshops and childrens activities (25’)